What's up with the "Overemployment Culture"?

What's up with the "Overemployment Culture"?

I'm sure you've caught wind of the buzz around "overemployment" or the multi-gig lifestyle among programmers. It's been quietly gaining traction in the tech world. How many tech folks do you know who aren't content with just one job? They're hustling multiple gigs under the radar, and let me tell you, they're raking in some serious cash. These are people that seamlessly bounce from one Zoom call to the next, all while pocketing salaries that could make your head spin! (to the tune of a million dollars a year)

There's this "Overemployed" subreddit that I recently bumped into boasting a whopping 220,000 members who give some tips on handling multiple gigs and swap stories abut their hefty paychecks. If you browse through the threads, you will learn that they even have their own language. They rank their main gig as J1 and climbing up the ladder to J5. And all those extra gigs are dubbed as "burner jobs".

This made me think why these types of programmers don't just land a spot in the elite club of FAANG, get their dream roles and have their hefty paychecks. Then I realized, it's not a walk in the park. It means surviving the grueling coding challenges and algorithm marathons. While if you flip the script to the multi-gig lifestyle, these nerve -wracking interviews or mind-blogging puzzles are not there- just you, your skills and a handful of exciting projects.

The Balancing Act

Sure, FAANG offers big, fat paychecks but they also dish out burnout and endless screen time. For multi-giggers, spreading the workload across few gigs means calling the shots when, where and how they work.

Big Fish versus Small Pond

Working in a corporate world, is not the most inspiring vibe you can get. Smaller teams mean a more laid-back environment where everyone knows your name. More like, "grab a beer after work "rather than "crunch those numbers until midnight."

The Safety Net

If one gig suddenly tanks, you're not left high and dry. No more sweating over potential layoffs or getting entangled in office drama. It's the best of both worlds – you get to feast on your cake without worrying about the guilt trip.

Cost of Living Problem

Let's get real about finances. Those fat tech paychecks might seem appealing, but they disappear quicker than ice cream on a hot day in expensive cities. Some of us opt for remote work or gigs in more affordable locales, where our hard-earned cash can stretch further and we're not drowning in sky-high rent. Talking about making the paycheck work for us while keeping our sanity in place.

So, while FAANG roles might seem like the holy grail of tech jobs, they're not for everyone. Some of us are happy hustling on our own terms, even if it means missing out on the free snacks and nap pods. At the end of the day, it's all about finding the right fit for your skills and lifestyle.